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T&A Midwest Transportation
Our Vision

T&A Midwest Transportation strives to offer ex-offenders a second chance in life by giving them the opportunity to become employed, self-sufficient, productive, law abiding members of the community by entering the trucking industry and as a result, reducing recidivism.​

Our Goal
Our Mission

T&A Midwest Transportation is dedicated to providing our customers with the unparalleled quality of service and safety in the trucking industry. We're committed to raising awareness and reducing the mass incarceration of people of color within the United States. We have made a long term commitment to ex-offenders participating in the program to receive assistance while obtaining any required training, certificates, and/or licenses necessary to succeed in the trucking industry.​

At T&A Midwest Transportation, “Service for Success”empowers ourselves and our customers to succeed in attaining overall quality that reflects organizational superiority!

Our goal is not only to reduce recidivism (the rate in which people that have been to prison) but also to increase core family values and interaction, career opportunities, entrepreneurship, and educational empowerment.


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T&A Midwest Transportation
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